Item specifics

  • Oxygen Concentration Range 21 – 100%
  • Accuracy ±3% full scale
  • Number of Output Ports 2 or 3
  • Size 8.1W x 6.5H x 4.6D in (20.6 x 16.5 x 11.7 cm)
  • Weight 4.1 lbs (1.86 kg)

Product Description

Our blender is specifically designed for the NICU. It offers famous performance and economy in a unique design that simplifies operation, conserves gas and keeps the blender ready to use at a moment's notice.

This air/oxygen blender with integrated flowmeters is specifically designed for use in the NICU. The 0-15 lpm flowmeter on the left can be used to connect to a resuscitation bag. The flowmeter on the right, which can be ordered in 0-15, 0-3.5, or 0-1.0 LPM, can be used to connect an infant nasal cannula. Unique features allow you to turn the bleed required for low flows on and off merely by pushing in and rotating the right-hand flowmeter. You save time and reduce aggravation, because there are no parts to disconnect or misplace. And the device is always ready to use, because turning it back on is quick and simple with just a turn of the flowmeter. This means you can conserve gas by turning off the bleed when either the cannula or blender is not in use.