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Lead-Free O2 Sensor RoHS Compliant

lead-free oxygen sensors

A wide range of LEAD-FREE Oxygen Sensor as a direct replacement with major Anesthesia machines, Respiratory ventilators, Incubators, CPAP machines and other O2 Therapy units available in market.

Supreme performances and outstanding longevity from the NEW patented LEAD-FREE O2 sensor technology with extended warranty time up to 4 years of operations

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Our Mission

CareOx is dedicated to finding best way to bring the most advanced and beneficial Respiratory Care and Anesthesiology Medical device technologies to patients and physicians.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an unmatched leader and a globally recognized provider of specialty Respiratory Care and Anesthesiology medical products offering global solutions to improve the quality of life.

Our Policy

CareOx is committed to the best practice that ensures the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality, regulatory requirement and customer service.

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