Product Description

In typical medical applications with Hospital settings and Homecare use, due to the oxygen consumption, electrochemical galvanic sensors commonly suffer on lifetime at high oxygen exposition over time.

In addition, 1) High Gas Flow rates and, in some cases, 2) the presence of CO2 and other gases are interfering the sensor lifetime. Each of the Lead-Free sensor features and extended life-time and superior long-term signal stability even when exposed to high oxygen concentration

Key features

Superior Lifetime
While the Leaded sensor ends of its’ life approx. at 2600 days after start to use, the Lead-Free sensor still keeps on running with stable output voltage signal

Fast Response Time T90
At higher temperature test and 100% O2, the Lead-Free sensor shows 2.5 times faster response T90 compared to the leaded sensor. It shows the Response Time T90, constant in +/- 1.5 sec. interval even after 3 years in use

Stable Output Drift
In average output voltage drift test within a period of 12 months at Room Temperature in Ambient Air, it shows the Lead-Free sensor is much more stable and much less output voltage drift by the factor of 4.5 compared to the Leaded sensor

Lowest Linearity Error
At test with higher temperature and 100% O2, the Lead-Free sensor shows linearity error lower than 1.5% for 3 Years in use.