Pulse Oximeter

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MySign®S Pulse Oximeter - Medical

MySign®S – for maximum hygiene without compromise. High performance in all areas facilitates accurate diagnoses and monitoring. Our autoclavable SoftTip® plus sensors are ideal accessories for the p..

Pulse Oximeter-Fitness (PumoRi 7165)

The World’s Best Performance UBIX Technology PumoRi 7165 shows outstanding performance of practical measurement by its worked-out equipment design and a unique ELR (External Light Reduction) technolo..

Pulse Oximeter-Fitness (LUKLA 2800)

LUKLA 2800 is a high functional probe that realizes effective performance with an energy saving design (measuring time: 120hours). Efficiently follows SpO2 at high speed. Light and compact/Lar..

Pulse Oximeter-Medical (BO-750BT)

BO-750BT is designed to measure %SpO2 and pulse rate accurately, quickly and simply at a fingertip using high precision optical components and sophisticated analog-digital circuits. The product is des..
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