SPO2 Sensor

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SoftTipⓇ Plus - Autoclavable and Durable (Large, Medium and Small Size)

The SpO2 sensor for maximum cost efficiency and best hygiene through mechanical preparation and steam sterilization! Steam Sterilization up to 134°C / 273 °F. CareOx’s new SoftTip® plus represents a ..

SoftTip® (Large, Medium and Small Size)

Advanced solution in long-term monitoring Easy to clean and disinfect Highly cost efficient due to outstanding life time Download Specification (PDF)..

FingerClip – Convenient and Standardized

Need-oriented and acceptable practice Well-suited reusable solution for inpatient and outpatient, for spot check and short-term monitoring Quick and easy to handle A wide range of reusable an..

EarClip - Comfortable and Reliable

Using a SpO2 probe for non-invasive monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation is a standard of care in most hospital set- tings and other medical environments. The most commonly-used probes are placed ..

Disposable SpO2 Sensor - Easy & safe

Disposable SpO2 sensors do not entail the risk of cross-contamination caused by medical products that are re-used from patient to patient. The high flexibility, adaptability and biocompatibility of th..

D-Wrap - The Added Comfort

Comfort in re-positioning (soft medical grade tape). Less adhesive-related skin trauma where necessary – neonates, geriatric patients, patients with burn injuries Adapted for environment with elevat..
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