Product Description

The SpO2 sensor for maximum cost efficiency and best hygiene through mechanical preparation and steam sterilization! Steam Sterilization up to 134°C / 273 °F.

CareOx’s new SoftTip® plus represents a completely new generation of SpO2 finger clip sensors. Cleaning options include not only thermal disinfection but also the widely used method of steam sterilization, meaning much simpler handling, along with maximum safety for patients and users, especially in clinical settings. With the SoftTip® plus, CareOx offers an uncompromising solution: a finger sensor that can be seamlessly integrated in existing cleaning, disinfections and sterilization processes, reused again and again and withstands maximum mechanical stress. This means a rapid return on investment and huge cost savings compared with alternative solutions.

Autoclavable SoftTip® plus sensors from CareOx offer clear advantages:

  • Maximum safety with steam sterilization
  • Mechanical and manual cleaning and disinfection
  • High wearing comfort
  • Outstanding cost efficiency
  • Maximum resistance to mechanical stress
  • DIN EN ISO 17664 compliant
  • Effectiveness of sterilization validated and certified by an independent institute
  • Satisfies the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute